In december 2008, before filming “Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade”, Julien and Laurent wrote and directed a short film, produced by Kit Wong for Red East Pictures. Thus making it the first 100% Ubiks project.

“Betrayal” was originally to be a test for the crew and the brand new Red One camera, but was envisioned as a 15 minutes prequel to “Les Nuits Rouges…”, staring Carrie NG in her character from the film.

The outstanding visual quality from cinematographer Ng Man Ching comforted the directors in their choice to use this camera and this crew for the long feature. But for long, the short film remained unfinished as an “image only” test.

In summer 2011, for the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray of “Les Nuits Rouges…”, The Ubiks decided to complete the work on “Betrayal” and make it a stand alone short feature. The film has been re-edited, proper credits added, and most importantly, an original music has been scored by the Seppuku Paradigm, who composed the music for “Les Nuits Rouges…” and won a best music award for it.

Soon after completion, “Betrayal” went on to be selected at the Sitges Film Festival in october 2011, where it was shown in a special screening. The short film will appear in more festivals in the coming months, but it is already available on digital support as a special bonus on the DVD and the Blu-Ray of “Les Nuits Rouges…”

Don’t miss it!


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