Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade – Blu Ray and DVD

We are pleased to announce that “Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade” is now available for sale on DVD and Blu-Ray in France.

It is released by Metropolitan, in the HK Video collection, a collection Julien and Laurent know very well as they co-founded the HK Orient-Extreme magazine that was the reference for asian cinema in the mid-nineties and led to the creation of this high quality video collection. Among other things, Julien and Laurent were the one who found the only remaining footage from Tsui Hark’s original editing of “Don’t Play With Fire” and HK Video did a great job of cleaning and reintroducing the material to give audiences the original cut, pre-censorship, as it hadn’t been seen since 1980!

The DVD and Bl-Ray offer a high quality digital transfer and many exciting bonuses : booklet with interviews, audio commentary by the directors, making-of, alternative beginning (a 15 minutes continuity with two new scenes), “Betrayal”, a 15 minutes short feature prequel to “Les Nuits Rouges” and, on the Blu-Ray only, “Le v√©ritable poison des nuits rouges” a special documentary filmed in Harry’s New York Bar and talking about Dry Martini, Manhattan and Side Car, the 3 cocktails favored by the 3 Ubiks…

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