Les Nuits Rouges Du Bourreau De Jade

Les Nuits Rouges Du Bourreau De Jade (Red Nights) is a true Ubiks film. Co-production between France and Hong Kong, it is produced by Kit Wong, and written and directed by Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud. With the help of brilliant professionals like cinematographer Ng Man-Ching, Production Designer Horace Ma, Editor Sébastien Prangère, Music composers Seppuku Paradigm, Sound geniuses François Sempé, Franco Piscopo, Benoit Biral, Frederic Demolder, SFX specialist Jean Christophe Spadaccini, we have achieved the technical quality, audio and visual that will characterize all our Ubiks work and delivered a multi layered, sensual and original take on cross-cultural genres, thriller and femme fatales, with a fetishist delight in details to be enjoyed again and again. And all this with a very low budget. It is a good example of what we intend to do with our label when it comes to technical quality and original ideas, although Red Nights is probably a bit more extreme than our upcoming projects that we intend as more commercial and mainstream, but always with such a desire for sophistication.

We are thrilled to share it here with you. It is being released first in France, on April 27th, and stay tuned for more info on worldwide release and the finely crafted Blu Ray and DVD editions coming at the end of october 2011.

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