Red Nights released in US Market


Red Nights is now available in zone 1 (USA, Canada) on DVD and VOD.

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Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade – Blu Ray and DVD

We are pleased to announce that “Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade” is now available for sale on DVD and Blu-Ray in France.

It is released by Metropolitan, in the HK Video collection, a collection Julien and Laurent know very well as they co-founded the HK Orient-Extreme magazine that was the reference for asian cinema in the mid-nineties and led to the creation of this high quality video collection. Among other things, Julien and Laurent were the one who found the only remaining footage from Tsui Hark’s original editing of “Don’t Play With Fire” and HK Video did a great job of cleaning and reintroducing the material to give audiences the original cut, pre-censorship, as it hadn’t been seen since 1980!

The DVD and Bl-Ray offer a high quality digital transfer and many exciting bonuses : booklet with interviews, audio commentary by the directors, making-of, alternative beginning (a 15 minutes continuity with two new scenes), “Betrayal”, a 15 minutes short feature prequel to “Les Nuits Rouges” and, on the Blu-Ray only, “Le véritable poison des nuits rouges” a special documentary filmed in Harry’s New York Bar and talking about Dry Martini, Manhattan and Side Car, the 3 cocktails favored by the 3 Ubiks…

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In december 2008, before filming “Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade”, Julien and Laurent wrote and directed a short film, produced by Kit Wong for Red East Pictures. Thus making it the first 100% Ubiks project.

“Betrayal” was originally to be a test for the crew and the brand new Red One camera, but was envisioned as a 15 minutes prequel to “Les Nuits Rouges…”, staring Carrie NG in her character from the film.

The outstanding visual quality from cinematographer Ng Man Ching comforted the directors in their choice to use this camera and this crew for the long feature. But for long, the short film remained unfinished as an “image only” test.

In summer 2011, for the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray of “Les Nuits Rouges…”, The Ubiks decided to complete the work on “Betrayal” and make it a stand alone short feature. The film has been re-edited, proper credits added, and most importantly, an original music has been scored by the Seppuku Paradigm, who composed the music for “Les Nuits Rouges…” and won a best music award for it.

Soon after completion, “Betrayal” went on to be selected at the Sitges Film Festival in october 2011, where it was shown in a special screening. The short film will appear in more festivals in the coming months, but it is already available on digital support as a special bonus on the DVD and the Blu-Ray of “Les Nuits Rouges…”

Don’t miss it!


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Our Work

We have been updating the page where we list our past and current work, including both completed and sold projects and those available for sale/financing/production.

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Les Nuits Rouges Du Bourreau De Jade

Les Nuits Rouges Du Bourreau De Jade (Red Nights) is a true Ubiks film. Co-production between France and Hong Kong, it is produced by Kit Wong, and written and directed by Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud. With the help of brilliant professionals like cinematographer Ng Man-Ching, Production Designer Horace Ma, Editor Sébastien Prangère, Music composers Seppuku Paradigm, Sound geniuses François Sempé, Franco Piscopo, Benoit Biral, Frederic Demolder, SFX specialist Jean Christophe Spadaccini, we have achieved the technical quality, audio and visual that will characterize all our Ubiks work and delivered a multi layered, sensual and original take on cross-cultural genres, thriller and femme fatales, with a fetishist delight in details to be enjoyed again and again. And all this with a very low budget. It is a good example of what we intend to do with our label when it comes to technical quality and original ideas, although Red Nights is probably a bit more extreme than our upcoming projects that we intend as more commercial and mainstream, but always with such a desire for sophistication.

We are thrilled to share it here with you. It is being released first in France, on April 27th, and stay tuned for more info on worldwide release and the finely crafted Blu Ray and DVD editions coming at the end of october 2011.

The Red Nights Facebook page

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And we’re back!

To celebrate the French release of “LES NUITS ROUGES DU BOURREAU DE JADE”, a very Ubiks film since it has been written and directed by Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud and produced by Kit Wong, the 3 Ubiks founding members and involves our “Ubiks Family” i.e. the gifted professionals we enjoy working with to create this unique style personalized by our label, we’re relaunching this website.

You’ll find info on who we are, what we have done and of course what we intend to do.

Welcome back and we hope you’ll enjoy this new creative ride. We know we will!

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On the way…

The website is about to reopen very soon. Stay tuned for the latest news from The Ubiks.

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